Coverage of the themed entertainment and visitor attractions industry

Christian Sylt and Caroline Reid are the only journalists worldwide who specialise in covering the theme park industry for national media and they have written more than 250 articles on it since 2002. They include cover stories of newspapers and magazines as well as news reports and features. Their coverage has appeared in more than 30 outlets including the BBC, The Times of London, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, the London Evening Standard, Forbes and the Financial Times.
Christian and Caroline have covered almost all of the key areas in the industry from interviewing shareholders and senior management to writing about corporate alliances, themed sports facilities, themed hotel design and themed real estate projects. Five years before it was announced, they broke the news that Disney was planning to take over Disneyland Paris. Other notable exclusives include revealing that £1.9bn would be invested in Disneyland Paris, that the park's Star Wars simulator would be updated and that its dining and entertainment district would be renovated - news which was confirmed in 2022.
In addition, Christian and Caroline regularly write travel features as well as reports on attractions and shows. When all of this coverage is included it represents around one article on the industry per month since 2002 and the highlights are below.
Disney Reveals Record $540 Million Theme Park And Hotel Investment Forbes 4 May 2024
Revealed: The Disney-Owned Theme Park That Pays $170 Million To Use Its Characters Forbes 13 April 2024
Revealed: The Most Successful Boss Of Disneyland Paris Forbes 4 April 2024
Disneyland Paris conjures up bumper profits despite strikes The Guardian 30 March 2024
Disneyland Paris Reveals $1.5 Billion Investment In Studios Park Forbes 16 October 2023
Disneyland Paris Loses Its Sparkle As Nearly 15,000 Fans Sign Petition To Bring Back Ticket Perks Forbes 16 July 2023
Disneyland Paris Staff Reveal When Next Strikes Will Take Place Forbes 10 July 2023
The Secrets Of Disney’s $1.7 Billion Theme Park Profits Forbes 6 July 2023
Disneyland Paris Reveals Record Productivity Of $130,000 Per Worker Forbes 18 June 2023
Why The Strikes At Disneyland Paris Are Out Of Its Control Forbes 4 June 2023
Disneyland Paris Reports Record $2.6 Billion Revenue Forbes 28 March 2023
Bob Iger drops in on Disneyland Paris to investigate its new found magic The Sunday Times 26 March 2023
The Real Magic Of Disney’s $500 Million Eco Fantasyland Forbes 28 December 2019
Disneyland Paris returns to profit for the first time in more than a decade Daily Telegraph 17 March 2019
Disneyland Paris Hopes To Get Glow From Solar Power Forbes 2 December 2018
Euro Disney to create 1,000 jobs as it pushes to double visitor capacity Daily Telegraph 28 November 2018
Euro Disney Planning Blockbuster New Attraction For 2024 Forbes 22 November 2017
Disneyland Paris set for huge makeover with £1.9billion investment Sunday Express 19 November 2017
Euro Disney’s magic returns as it forecasts full recovery by 2021 Daily Telegraph 14 November 2017
Euro Disney Reveals Record $1 Billion Revenue As New Frozen Show Debuts Forbes 19 August 2015
Invesco dumps entire stake in Euro Disney The Telegraph 16 February 2015
Invesco Boosts Euro Disney Stake To 6% In 2014 Forbes 29 January 2015
Euro Disney invests £460m to rediscover the magic Daily Telegraph 20 January 2015
Saudi prince joins £330 million deal to save France's Euro Disney Mail on Sunday 11 October 2014
Ratatouille to cook up £150m in revenue for Euro Disney Sunday Express 7 September 2014
Euro Disney set for €30m boost from new Ratatouille ride Daily Telegraph 10 July 2014
Invesco boosts Euro Disney as stake grows Daily Telegraph 15 February 2014
Exclusive: The dark side of the Magic Kingdom? The Independent 24 November 2013
Euro Disney expected to announce lower net losses The Guardian 6 May 2013
Disneyland Paris feels fury of disenchanted customers as more than 5,000 visitors sign petition demanding higher standards The Independent 13 September 2013
Euro Disney union demands staff bonus The Guardian 18 December 2012
Restructuring to propel Euro Disney into the black Mail on Sunday 18 November 2012
Saudi prince won't duck out of loss-making Euro Disney Daily Mail 16 May 2012
Euro Disney is left nursing the bill after its big birthday bash Mail on Sunday 6 May 2012
Disneyland Paris celebrates 20th birthday €1.9bn in debt The Guardian 11 April 2012
Soaring cost of visits of Disneyland Mail on Sunday 28 August 2011
Ageing Euro Disney is feeling the pinch Mail on Sunday 29 April 2011
Euro Disney seeks budget increase to revive parks before key anniversary The Guardian 10 April 2011
Euro Disney share price spike investigated by French watchdog The Telegraph 13 March 2011
Euro Disney points the finger at snow white December Mail On Sunday 6 February 2011
Losing the magic: How Euro Disney became a nightmare The Independent 13 November 2010
Disneyland Paris falls well short of infinity The Independent 22 August 2010
Euro Disney sale boosts fortunes Sunday Telegraph 8 August 2010
Euro Disney hit by growing debt fear The Telegraph 30 May 2010
EDF plans solar-power plant at Euro Disney, Paris The Independent 21 February 2010
Euro Disney's debt drags fairytale back to reality The Telegraph 13 February 2010
Euro Disney results to be hit by weak pound The Telegraph 7 November 2009
The end of Euro Disneys white-knuckle ride? The Spectator 6 August 2008
Disney's £1.3bn never-neverland Mail on Sunday 8 April 2007
A Scary Ride CNBC European Business April 2007
Disney's lucky star in Paris EuroBusiness August 2002
Why Disney World Visitors Could Be The Biggest Winners Of Disney's Feud With DeSantis Forbes 28 April 2023
Why Building A Fifth Theme Park In Florida Could Give Disney A Happy Ending In Its Battle With Ron DeSantis Forbes 10 April 2023
Disney Feels The Force As New Star Wars Lands Create 15,500 Jobs Forbes 24 October 2019
Disney's $3 Billion Magic Touch On European Suppliers Forbes 6 February 2018
Euro Disney is no Mickey Mouse affair for UK suppliers Daily Telegraph 27 February 2017
The Magic Behind Disney's $60 Billion Boost To France's Economy Forbes 26 June 2016
Euro Disney Reveals 4,000 Jobs Boost From Building Blockbuster Ride Locally Forbes 31 October 2014
Jobs bonanza: Thousands of staff hired to build new Euro Disney ride Daily Telegraph 23 August 2014
Sleeping Beauty awakes Destinations of the World September 2008 
Disney's Imagineering Expenditure Hits A Record $51.5 Million Forbes 18 April 2023
Disney Reveals How It Plans To Put A New Spin On Its Spider-Man Ride Forbes 21 February 2023
Disney's AV marvel AV Magazine October/November 2022
Putting you in the picture, AV Magazine, August/September 2020
The Logistics Keeping Disney's Imagineering On Track During The Lockdown Forbes 22 June 2020
Inside Disney’s Internet Of Things Forbes 6 June 2020 
How Disney Is Reinventing 3D In Its Theme Parks Forbes 4 March 2020
The Secrets Of The World's Most Innovative Theme Park Attraction Forbes 17 January 2020
The Real Captain Of The Millennium Falcon Forbes 21 August 2019
The Star Attraction Of Disney’s New Theme Park Land Forbes 7 August 2019
The Secrets Of The World’s Most Instagrammable Theme Park Forbes 14 July 2019
Disney Reveals Heroic Plans For New Marvel Products Forbes 22 March 2019
Disney's Design Marvel Forbes 19 December 2018
Why Disney Is Changing The Toys In Its Play Set Forbes 26 November 2018
How Movies Have Given Disney's Animal Kingdom a Happy Ending Forbes 17 May 2018
Disney's Lost Plans For A Domed City Forbes 3 May 2018
Why Disney Had To Think Outside The Box To Cast Its Spell In California Forbes 23 April 2018
The science behind the magic The Times 16 December 2015
Disney Planning New Star Wars Attraction For Paris Park Forbes 12 September 2014
Building Fantasyland British Airways Business Life June 2013
The job: David Minichiello, Disney Financial Times 18 January 2010
Making mountains out of mouse hills Go! Magazine April 2006 
Meet The Man Set To Bring The Sparkle Back To Disney World's Entertainment Forbes 12 September 2023
Disney's $13 Million Drone Extravaganza Forbes 31 January 2023
First drone show launched inside a Disney theme park AV Magazine 3 May 2022
Meet The Force Behind Disney’s Star Wars Extravaganzas Forbes 4 May 2020
Behind the Seams at Disneyland Paris Forbes 6 March 2020
The Magic Formula For Putting On A Show At Disneyland Paris Forbes 2 November 2019
The $60 Million Magic Behind Disney's Rodeo Show Forbes 28 March 2019
How Disney Is Using VR To Help Guests Feel The Force Of Star Wars Forbes 19 March 2019
How Disney Plans To Give More Muscle To Its Marvel Theme Park Show Forbes 15 November 2018
How Disney Used A MIDI Keyboard To Ignite The New Millennium Forbes 21 June 2018
The Secrets Behind The Sparkle of Disney's Parades Forbes 26 May 2018
Why Disney's Fireworks Shows Hit A High Note  Forbes 12 November 2017
Frozen's Most Magical Milestone For Disney Forbes 12 July 2017
The Secrets Behind The International Expansion Of Disneyland Forbes 19 November 2015
How A Rat Upstaged Mickey Mouse At Disneyland Paris Forbes 1 July 2014
A new big bang theory Metro 27 July 2005
Real Action Heroes Vauxhall Magazine December 2004  
How The Disney World Marathon Helps Cigna Stay Ahead Of The Pack Forbes 12 May 2020
NBA Experience forges bold new ground for fan development SportBusiness 5 February 2020
Meet The Man Who Is Helping American Children To Play Soccer Forbes 14 February 2019
Disney's 300,000 Square Foot Bet On Sports Forbes 29 January 2018
Disney Eyes Entry Into Esports In Orlando Forbes 2 August 2017 
How Prince Harry Brought A Glow To ESPN And Disney
 Forbes 2 November 2016
Fantasy Sports SportBusiness Magazine August 2016
Disney's Runaway Success Forbes 7 January 2016
Disneys sporting venture The Times 16 December 2015
No Mickey Mouse Operation SportBusiness Magazine April 2013
Sporting chance Hospitality Magazine Spring 2012
Building a complex sporting legacy BBC 1 March 2012
A magical partnership SportsPro January 2012
Barrichello's busman's holiday ESPNF1 16 August 2011
Making tourism child's play Destinations of the World March 2010
Sporting Drive The Paddock Magazine November 2009
Disney's Wide World of Sports SportBusiness Magazine December 2008
It's A Sports World After All Go! Magazine June 2007
Fairytale Venues SportBusiness Magazine March 2007 
Disney Gives $215 Million Magic Touch To Paris Hotels Forbes 31 October 2023
Planet Hollywood Reports $8 Million Revenue Before Closure At Disneyland Paris Forbes 15 February 2023
Disney Reveals $3.6 Billion Of Hotel Revenue In Paris Forbes 12 February 2023
Themed to Perfection Destinations of the World May 2022
How To Carve Out A Career With Disney Forbes 1 July 2020
Disney’s Magic Formula For Recreating European Style In Orlando Forbes 24 January 2020
How Four Seasons Cast A Powerful Spell In Orlando Forbes 26 November 2019
Inside Disney’s Heroic Hotel Plans For Paris Forbes 9 November 2019
The Magic Behind Disney's Space-Age Watering Hole Forbes 30 July 2019
Disney Books $500 Million Hotel Revenue In Paris Forbes 4 April 2019
How Disney Cast A Spell On France's Hospitality Industry Forbes 7 February 2019
Disneyland Paris Rolls Out Wireless Payment System Forbes 20 January 2019
How Disney Mixes Hollywood, Food And Wine Forbes 29 April 2018 
Disney To Give Magic Touch To French Entertainment Complex Forbes 7 March 2018
How Theme Parks Help To Break New Ground In The Hotel Industry Forbes 19 September 2016
Checking Into Fantasyland Etihad Inflight magazine May 2011
Magic results: Euro Disney plans new hotels The Independent 16 August 2008 
Washout As Disney Cruise Line Reveals $325 Million Loss Forbes 24 July 2023
How Disney Sailed Off With $1.6 Billion From Its Cruise Line Forbes 31 January 2023
Plain Sailing for Disney Cruises The Sunday Times 29 January 2023
Disney cruises its way to a £430m dividend as revenues and profits at its London-based subsidiary rise Mail on Sunday 10 March 2019
Why Launching Disneyland Paris May Be Disney's Best Ever Deal Forbes 31 March 2023
How Disney Put Its Magic Touch On Real Estate Forbes 13 April 2018
The Town That Walt Built British Airways Business Life September 2014
Living the Dream EasyJet Inflight June 2007
Revealing Disney's Real Magic Kingdom Destinations of the World April 2007
How The Disney World Marathon Helps Cigna Stay Ahead Of The Pack Forbes 12 May 2020
Revealed: The Theme Parks Beating The World’s Top Sports Leagues In Attendance Forbes 19 December 2019
How Marvel Fuels Profits For Audi Forbes 27 May 2019
How Disney And Coca-Cola Developed An Out Of This World Marketing Campaign Forbes 24 May 2019
Why Citizen Spends Time In Disney's Fantasyland Forbes 31 July 2018
How Disney Cast Its Spell On Sponsorship Forbes 12 July 2018
How Hyundai Is Using Superheroes To Rev Up Its New Model Forbes 23 February 2018
The Marvellous Marketing Vehicle For The New Lexus Forbes 26 February 2018
Inside the big business of car product placement in films Daily Telegraph 19 February 2018
Disney puts visitors in the driving seat  Daily Telegraph 5 August 2017 
Disney's Innovative Partnership Vehicle Forbes 4 December 2016
Inside Disney's Tech Partnerships Forbes 20 October 2016
Why Siemens And Disney Make A Magical Team Forbes 29 August 2014
Outside Sport: Nippon Oil The Paddock Magazine May 2010
Deal-making Magic Elevator Magazine Winter 2009
Fairytale sponsorships The Paddock Magazine October 2009
Disney Makes Sponsorship Child's Play SportBusiness Magazine September 2009
Mickey Mouse Money British Airways Business Life July 2009
Disney Sponsorship Marketing Week 16 April 2009
Driving the imagination The Paddock Magazine May 2007
Rollercoaster Returns Go! Magazine December 2006
Fairytale Spending European Business Magazine September 2005
Michael Eisner Reveals The Magic Touch That Gave A Glow To Disneyland Paris Forbes 9 September 2019
Ex-Disney mogul Michael Eisner tells how giants of television are lining up for an astronomically expensive battle with Netflix in...TV Star Wars Mail on Sunday 28 July 2019
The Skills Disney Looks For In Its Star Wars Cadets Forbes 24 July 2019
Disney’s Magic Formula For Inspiring Women In The Workplace Forbes 17 July 2019
John Lasseter's Magic Formula for Creativity Forbes 7 August 2017
How to make $33bn, by the Saudi Prince Alwaleed who DIDN'T get his fortune from oil Mail on Sunday 11 October 2014
Man with Midas touch in five-star shares offer The Independent 5 February 2006
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal: Success is the 'ultimate kick' The Independent 30 July 2005
Deals in the desert Telegraph Magazine 16 July 2005
Saudi's fortune comes to a princely £12.5bn Evening Standard 17 February 2005
The forever investor EuroBusiness Magazine November 2002
Second time lucky for Disney? The Business 17 March 2002 
Who Is Really To Blame For Disney's Woes? Forbes 30 August 2023
How ESPN Saved $4 Million On Its Formula One Broadcast Deal Forbes 26 March 2018
Theme parks are no mickey mouse industry The Times 16 December 2015
Why It Would Make Sense For Disney To Buy Formula One Forbes 31 July 2014
The Secrets Behind Disney's $2.2 Billion Theme Park Profits Forbes 14 July 2014
Disney may take control of Paris park Daily Telegraph 27 August 2012
Tokyo Disney Forecasts Attendance This Year Will Be Down 11% On 2019 Despite $2 Billion Expansion Forbes 13 May 2024
Seasons to be cheerful The Scotsman 8 September 2018
Hit Disney heights Daily Record/Sunday Mail 9 July 2017
Frozen in Florida Khaleej Times 16 September 2016
Star of the show Daily Record/Sunday Mail 24 July 2016
Another World The Paddock Magazine May 2010
Grand Designs Daily Record/Sunday Mail 11 November 2006
That's Not All Folks Scotland on Sunday 11 August 2002
Unleash your Spidey senses The Scotsman 27 August 2022
Hop on Disneyland Paris’ newest ride all set to transport you to the world of Spider-Man Khaleej Times 21 July 2022 
Star Wars and peace Daily Record/Sunday Mail 1 December 2019
Fairytale Christmas Daily Record/Sunday Mail 10 December 2017
It still has the magic The Scotsman Magazine 14 October 2017
Disney's Winter Wonderland Khaleej Times 19 December 2014
New motorised Fantasia is fun for the family Daily Telegraph 28 November 2014
Paris? It's Ratawowee Daily Record/Sunday Mail 31 August 2014
Themed to Perfection Scotsman 6 September 2008
Everything Is Illuminated Scotland on Sunday 21 December 2003
Animated Adventures Scotsman 17 August 2003
An 'out-of-the-world' experience at Disneyland, California Khaleej Times 27 September 2019
A fun force awakens Daily Record/Sunday Mail 30 June 2019
Up, Up and Away Daily Record/Sunday Mail 29 April 2018
A fairytale trip to California's Disneyland Scotsman 26 December 2015
48 Hours in... Tokyo Destinations of the World News February 2023
Welcome to Tokyo's Disneysea! Khaleej Times 30 June 2017
Plans Revealed For Marvel Waterpark And Gym Forbes 13 August 2023
How The Disney Store Made $90 Million Of Revenue With Just One Outlet Last Year Forbes 19 July 2023
Embarrassment For French Government As Disneyland Paris Loses Key Transport Route Forbes 5 June 2023
Revealed: The Only Region Where Disney Stores Are Growing Forbes 23 April 2023
Revealed: The Magic Formula For Calculating The Cost Of A Theme Park Forbes 16 June 2020
How Disney Gave A Magic Touch To Volunteering Forbes 25 September 2019
The Secret Behind Disney's Festive Sparkle Forbes 8 December 2018
Meet The Man Who Drives Two Million Visits To Disney Every Year Forbes 20 July 2018
Fantasyland For A Formula One Driver
Forbes 11 March 2017
Why Theme Parks Are Fantasylands For Meeting Planners
Forbes 2 November 2016
Magical Makeover Drives Disney Store Revenue To $760 Million In The UK Forbes 10 September 2014
Harry Potter Tour Revenue Surges Past $1 Billion Forbes 25 April 2024
Warner Bros. Reveals $115 Million Investment In Harry Potter Attraction Forbes 20 April 2024
The money magic of Harry Potter Sunday Times 5 November 2023
Warner Bros. Unveils New $280 Million Harry Potter Attraction Forbes 22 June 2023
Meet The Man Who Gives A Magic Touch To Harry Potter's Home Forbes 17 June 2023
Warner's UK Studios Report Record Revenue Forbes 28 January 2023
The magical wizardy tour The Scotsman Magazine 24 September 2022
Inside the world’s only behind-the-scenes tour of Harry Potter films Khaleej Times 13 May 2022
AV wizardry that puts you in Harry Potter's cape AV Magazine May/June 2021
Harry Potter Stores Conjure Up $26 Million Of Revenue Forbes 19 January 2020
Leavesden film studios no 'muggles' as profits soar The Telegraph 20 October 2019
Warner Bros buys the London Film Museum, home of the iconic Bond cars Sunday Express 22 September 2019
How Harry Potter Cast A Spell On Studio Tours Forbes 16 May 2019
US media giant makes £70m from backstage tour of Harry Potter films 
Daily Telegraph 4 November 2018
Harry Potter Tour Conjures Up $435 Million Of Revenue For Time Warner 
Forbes 6 December 2017
Go behind the scenes in Hollywood 
Khaleej Times 1 September 2017
Harry Potter tour helps Leavesden studios triple 2013 profits to £32m 
The Guardian 24 July 2014
Warner Bros. Announces Premiere Of Its First Hotel Forbes 9 December 2019
Lights, camera, holiday! The Scotsman 13 July 2019
How Abu Dhabi Is Building A Legacy Of Leisure Forbes 10 November 2018
How Warner Bros. Cast Its Spell On Abu Dhabi 
Forbes 7 November 2018
Warner Bros first hotel will open in Abu Dhabi 
Daily Telegraph 6 November 2018
Abu Dhabi-Doo 
Daily Record/Sunday Mail 4 November 2018
Mario Fails To Boost Universal's Sales To Pre-Pandemic Highs Forbes 16 June 2023
Why Mario Might Not Be So Super For Universal Studios Forbes 19 February 2023
Lightshow casts a spell AV Magazine May 2022
Why Universal Studios Is Already Planning Christmas Forbes 20 May 2020
The Magic Behind The Scenes Of Universal’s Harry Potter Show Forbes 7 March 2020
A Winter Wonderland Khaleej Times 28 February 2020
Why Halloween Is A Blockbuster For Universal Studios Forbes 23 October 2019
Universal Unveils Next Outing For Jason Bourne Forbes 15 October 2019
Universal’s Magic Formula For Theme Park Success Forbes 13 August 2019
License to thrill Daily Record/Sunday Mail 11 August 2019
Revealed: The World’s Fastest-Growing Theme Park Forbes 30 June 2019
How Universal Studios Made A Splash In Orlando Forbes 6 May 2019
Why Theme Parks Have Grand Designs On Hotels Forbes 25 January 2019
Taking a trip to hotel fantasyland The Times 16 December 2015
Building Fantasyland British Airways Business Life June 2013
Pure magic Khaleej Times 23 December 2011
Making a splash without getting wet AV Magazine February 2024
Creator Of The World's Most High-Tech Theme Park Ride Reveals Its Secrets Forbes 31 May 2023
SeaWorld Makes A Splash With The World's Largest LED Screen Forbes 21 May 2023
The Other Side Of SeaWorld Forbes 13 October 2018
How SeaWorld Put A New Spin On A Theme Park Classic
Forbes 13 October 2018
Expo 2020 Dubai Special AV Magazine March/April 2022 
     Making a Noise AV Magazine March/April 2022 
     Hanging in the Balance AV Magazine March/April 2022 
     Feast for the Senses AV Magazine March/April 2022 
     Putting on a Show AV Magazine March/April 2022 
     Making a Statement AV Magazine March/April 2022 
     The Circle of Life AV Magazine March/April 2022 
     Making Memories AV Magazine March/April 2022 
     The American Adventure AV Magazine March/April 2022 
Poetry in Motion AV Magazine March/April 2022
Thinking Outside the Box AV Magazine March/April 2022
Themed to perfection AV Magazine 20 January 2022
AV on the world stage
AV Magazine August/September 2021

Making a Splash AV Magazine February 2023
The Long Weekend: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai CityAM 23 September 2019
How A Floridian Design Agency Made A Splash In Dubai Forbes 31 December 2018
Why The World's Most High-Tech Water Park Is Making Waves With 3D Forbes 25 November 2018
Slip slidin' away The Scotsman 3 November 2018
How AV Brightens the Night AV Magazine October/November 2023
How AV Keeps an Enchanted Princess on the Crest of a Wave AV Magazine October/November 2023
How Princess Revolutionized Themed Dining Forbes 14 June 2023
Heroic Feats of AV AV Magazine June/July 2022 
London's Batman-inspired Park Row restaurant serves an 11-course Gotham City-style feast The National 3 March 2022
London To Get World's First Batman-Themed Restaurant Forbes 12 February 2020
Putting A New Spin On Planet Hollywood Forbes 20 July 2017
The Magic Formula For Building A Themed Entertainment Powerhouse Forbes 9 May 2024
Meet The Company Beating Theme Parks At Their Own Game Forbes 25 April 2024
The Technical Wizardry Behind The Magic Castle's Partnership With Princess Forbes 15 October 2023
Driving Ambition AV Magazine August/September 2023
The Entertainment Giant With $10 Billion Revenues That You Probably Haven't Heard Of Forbes 8 August 2023
The Driving Force Behind The World's Most Cutting-Edge Roller Coaster Forbes 7 April 2023
High-Tech Troupe AV Magazine March/April 2023
Why Themed Entertainment Is The Magic Formula For Malls In The Middle East Forbes 5 March 2023
Lighting Up the Future AV Magazine August/September 2022
Flights Of Fancy AV Magazine 7 July 2022 
Britain's answer to Disneyland has chalked up £55 million in losses Evening Standard 6 January 2020
How Dubai Earned Its Wings In The Theme Park Industry Forbes  31 December 2018
Kuwaiti tycoon poured £50 million into Kent theme park plans Sunday Express 11 November 2018
Kuwaitis may pull plug on Britain’s answer to Disneyland Evening Standard 6 November 2017

How Cirque Du Soleil's Icy Acrobatic Show Swings Into The Desert Forbes 30 April 2024
Cirque Du Soleil Founder Reveals He Rejected Chance To Float Forbes 31 December 2015 
The $7 Billion Legends Of Entertainment Forbes 15 December 2015 
Cirque du Soleil tour revenue tumbles to £40m Daily Telegraph 22 February 2015 
Ecclestone Unveils Las Vegas Grand Prix And Cirque Du Soleil May Hold The Keys Forbes 18 October 2014 
Cirque du Soleil may leap for new partner Daily Telegraph 30 January 2011 
Cirque du Soleil swings to $1bn revenue as it mulls shows at O2 The Independent 23 January 2011 
If I Ran F1: Guy Laliberté The Paddock July 2010 
The Greatest Show on Earth J Magazine February 2009
Cirque du Soleil juggles money and magic Daily Telegraph 24 August 2008 
Cirque du Soleil's £1bn Dubai offer Mail on Sunday 15 June 2008 
Lord of the rings Gulf Life April 2008 
The Circus Is Coming To Town Excellency Quarterly Q4 2007 
The real ringmaster The Paddock May 2007 
When the circus came to town Voyager May 2007 
Ringmaster with world in his hands Sunday Express 9 July 2006 
How du Soleil do that? Metro 1 February 2006 
Reinventing the Circus Go June/July 2005 
The World's Richest Ringmaster EasyJet Inflight April 2005 
Ringmaster lifts sales at the Big Top Mail on Sunday 2 January 2005 
From the circuit to the circus Formula 1 Magazine 2003
Billion-dollar circus EuroBusiness November 2002

Disney Ride Manufacturer Dynamic Attractions To Be Sold For $2 Million Forbes 25 May 2023
Leading Disney Ride Manufacturer Puts Itself Up For Sale Forbes 22 March 2023
How Free Tickets Could Give Theme Parks A Happy Ending Forbes 5 May 2020
The Financial Formula For Reopening Theme Parks Forbes 2 May 2020
'Experience Economy' Boosts Theme Park Spending To A Record $45 Billion Forbes 4 November 2018 
Theme parks are no mickey mouse industry 
The Times 16 December 2015

Fantasy Facades Hospitality Spring 2011
Park Life EasyJet Magazine July 2006

Why Disney World Visitors Could Be The Biggest Winners In DeSantis' Feud With Mickey Forbes 4 May 2023
DIS Unplugged 30 June 2020
TheSeasonPass Episode 387 28 May 2020
ThrillGeek Podcast Episode 138 15 May 2020
How might Disney, Universal, Six Flags reopen their theme parks during COVID-19? KCRW Radio 6 May 2020
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