Travel writing

Christian Sylt has been writing travel features for national newspapers and magazines since 2002. The publications he contributes to include the Independent, the Daily Record, the Scotsman and the City A.M. business newspaper. He has travelled to more than 20 countries and written about destinations around the world from California and New York to Monaco and Tokyo. Memorable reports involved covering a transatlantic cruise, theme parks in Japan and the underground cities of Canada. Some of the highlights are below.
Unleash your Spidey senses The Scotsman 27 August 2022
Hop on Disneyland Paris’ newest ride all set to transport you to the world of Spider-Man Khaleej Times 21 July 2022 
Themed to Perfection Destinations of the World May 2022
Star Wars and peace Daily Record/Sunday Mail 1 December 2019
Fairytale Christmas 
Daily Record/Sunday Mail 10 December 2017
It still has the magic 
The Scotsman Magazine 14 October 2017
Disney's Winter Wonderland 
Khaleej Times 19 December 2014
Paris? It's Ratawowee 
Daily Record/Sunday Mail 31 August 2014 
Themed to Perfection 
Scotsman 6 September 2008
Everything Is Illuminated
 Scotland on Sunday 21 December 2003
Animated Adventures 
Scotsman 17 August 2003 
Destination: 24 Hours in Monaco - Live Life in the Fast Lane
Destinations of the World News 26 April 2021
Best of both worlds
 Khaleej Times 16 April 2018
48 Hours in Monaco 
The Independent 20 February 2010
Pleasure Principal
 The Scotsman 27 September 2008

An 'out-of-the-world' experience at Disneyland, California Khaleej Times 27 September 2019
24 Hours in... Hollywood Destinations of the World August/September 2019
A fun force awakens Daily Record/Sunday Mail 30 June 2019
Up, Up and Away Daily Record/Sunday Mail 29 April 2018 
Go behind the scenes in Hollywood Khaleej Times 30 June 2017
A fairytale trip to California's Disneyland The Scotsman 26 December 2015
48 Hours in... Tokyo Destinations of the World News February 2023
Welcome to Tokyo's Disneysea! Khaleej Times 30 June 2017

White magic Khaleej Times 14 December 2012
Travel: Montreal, Canada The Scotsman 28 October 2012
If you can stand the heat... The Scotsman 30 December 2023
Discover a bit of the Florida Keys in Dubai The Scotsman 1 April 2023
Dubai into this futuristic land Daily Record/Sunday Mail 26 February 2023
The Long Weekend: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai CityAM 23 September 2019
Lights, camera, holiday! The Scotsman 13 July 2019
Abu Dhabi-Doo Daily Record/Sunday Mail 4 November 2018
Slip slidin' away The Scotsman 3 November 2018
The magical wizardy tour The Scotsman Magazine 24 September 2022
Inside the world’s only behind-the-scenes tour of Harry Potter films Khaleej Times 13 May 2022
Go like the Clippers Daily Record/Sunday Mail 26 January 2020
24 Hours in London Destinations of the World November 2018
Living it up in London Khaleej Times 14 April 2017
24 Hours in London: How to Get it All In Destinations of the World June 2015
Dressed to impress The Scotsman 19 May 2018

A hotel that's fit for a king City A.M. 25 January 2010
Just won the lottery? Blow it big style on a luxury break in Paris The Scotsman March 2005
A Winter Wonderland Khaleej Times 28 February 2020
License to thrill Daily Record/Sunday Mail 11 August 2019
Seasons to be cheerful The Scotsman 8 September 2018
Hit Disney heights 
Daily Record/Sunday Mail 9 July 2017
Frozen in Florida 
Khaleej Times 16 September 2016
Star of the show 
Daily Record/Sunday Mail 24 July 2016

Pure Magic Khaleej Times 23 December 2011
Another World The Paddock Magazine May 2010
Grand Designs 
Daily Record/Sunday Mail 11 November 2006
That's Not All Folks 
Scotland on Sunday 11 August 2002 

Concorde's supersonic son EuroBusiness March 2003 
High and mighty 
The Scotsman 19 January 2003

She's the Queen of the Sea Khaleej Times 20 April 2012
Liner notes The Scotsman 7 April 2012
When crossing the Atlantic, getting there is half the fun City A.M. 16 November 2009
The Secret Hotelier Destinations of the World October 2013
Bernie Ecclestone keeps his hotel on pole position Destinations of the World March 2013